Locally Sourced, All-Organic, and 100% Pure

Sweet Honey Straight From the Source


Farming Raw Wildflower Honey, Responsibly

Lakeview Apiary in Lake Hopatcong, NJ is managed by professional beekeepers who share a deep admiration for the humble and hardworking honeybee. Incorporating ethical practices on a daily basis allows us to produce all-natural honey without harming our friendly bees.

Passion Igniting the Beginning of an Ethical Business

Starting out as a personal hobby, Todd Trotte’s respect and passion for the honeybee grew and eventually fueled the establishment of a responsible honey farming business. From the opening of our first hive up to the building and expansion of our first outdoor apiary, Todd has always been amazed by honeybees. As time went by, we confirmed what we already knew, that we humans need honeybees more than they need us.


Producing Top-Quality Products

We set up hives in locations across New Jersey. Our primary apiary in Lake Hopatcong is home to diverse wildflowers, trees, and greenery from which the honeybees pollinate throughout the spring and summer. Each year yields batches of honey that offer slightly varying flavors of the natural sweetener. Even so, we consistently produce some of the best products around town.

Fresh and all-natural, our sweet nectar is delivered straight from our hives to your table.

Products From the Honeybee Hive (When Available)

  • 100% Raw, Local Wildflower Honey
  • Propolis Tincture
  • Lip Balms

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We invite you to try our wonderful honey-derived products! Our online shop is stocked with some of the best natural sweeteners, natural remedies, and more.

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We took our time to ensure the quality of our honeybees, so if you are interested in purchasing them, please reach out to us with any inquiries or to schedule an appointment.