Sweeteners, Remedies, and Honeybees From Lakeview Apiary

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Spring/Summer wildflower honey 1 lb. $9.00

From this Spring and Summer harvest.  Much lighter than Fall honey.  Some of the local flora that was in bloom at the time of the bee's gathering period were clover, dandelion, various ornamentals and tree blooms such as maple and black locust.


Late Summer/Fall wildflower honey 1 lb. $9.00

A blend of late summer and autumnal flora from the area. Fall honey tends to be noticeably darker in color and richer and stronger in taste.  Some of the local flora that contributes to the dark fall honey are knotweed, goldenrod, smartweed and aster.

Propolis tincture 1 oz. dropper bottle $10.00

A medicinal tincture made from pure propolis and pure grain alcohol.  Great for insect bites, poison ivy, and to accelerate healing of minor cuts and scrapes.  Product does stain so be mindful of clothing and surrounding area when applying.


Spring/Summer Wildflower Honey Net Weight 12 oz. $7.00

Wildflower honey in a convenient plastic squeeze bottle.  Thick and sweet tasting.  Made from a wide variety of local nectar.

Light and Mild Spring Wildflower Honey Net Weight 12 oz. $7.00

Slightly thinner and lighter than regular wildflower honey.  Very mild tasting with characteristics of clover and black locust honey.  Bottled in a plastic squeeze bear for easy, convenient servings.